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with Chris Summerville

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Environmental Education Workshops for Subject Teachers (Grade 4 - 12)

By Chris Summerville (chris@environment-ed.com)

These three one-day workshops can each be conducted independently or combined into a two or three-day workshop depending on the time available and the needs of the school. They are all intended for subject teachers of any grade who are open to including an environmental perspective into their classroom teaching but have not yet had much opportunity to explore how to do so.

The author strongly believes that any subject; grammar, ESL, English, Math, etc., can often use the environment as a vehicle for teaching the target material and that once teachers have decided that this is something they feel is worthwhile they will increasingly find ways to do so.

Workshop 1 offers ten practical tools that could be used by teachers to introduce an environmental perspective both to their classes and to the campus as a whole by finding the links between facets of the activities and issues they are already addressing in their subject classrooms.

Workshops 2 & 3 are similar in that they seek to help teachers form an 'eco-mindset' where they actually begin to look at their regular teaching material with the environment as one of the criteria that can be brought out more through their subject teaching be it through emphasis, examples, showing connections or short activities.

The key difference between Workshop 2 and 3 is that Workshop 3 is much more intensive in that it requires teachers to reflect more deeply on their own personal relationship to the environment and to collect samples of their teaching material prior to the workshop.

Below is a summary of the main sections of each workshop and a link to the workshop itself:

Workshop 1

  • Greening the Classroom.
  • Developing an environmental infrastructure at our school. b. Using this infrastructure as a learning/teaching tool
  • Campus Eco Audits (Water, Air, Land, Energy, Waste).
  • a. Green Maps around the world b. Creating a Campus Green Map.
  • Starting a Campus Organic Gardening Program. b. Using the garden as a learning/teaching tool for the whole school.
  • The Food I Eat: What? How? Where? When? Why?
  • Greening our Purchases:  a. Eco-Advertising.  b. How Green are my Cosmetics and Toiletries?  c. School Eco-Stall.
  • Eco- Footprints: Measuring our personal environmental impact
  • Climate Change Challenge (Campus Treasure Hunt)/Personal Emissions Calculator
  • My holidays: Loving Nature to Death?

Workshop 2

  1. What is Environmental Education?
  2. The environment through the eyes of an individual, teacher and student.
  3. Seeing the interconnections: 'It's not just the environment, stupid'!
  4. Acting for the Environment.
  5. Education about, through and for the Environment.
  6. The teacher as an environmental role model: Step by step and together!

Workshop 3.

  1. Making the Links from single subject to the whole environment.
  2. Forging the connections between the state of our environment and our daily lives.
  3. Linking our subjects to our environment.
  4. Making the connections between our subject and our surroundings.
  5. Connecting our subject with our surroundings through offering an environmental perspective.
  6. Infusing a further environmental perspective: Education for the Environment.

Please feel free to contact me at my email address if your institution is interested in conducting any of the above workshops: chris@environment-ed.com