Environment Education

with Chris Summerville

 1.Created a poster using garbage collected from around the campus by volunteer students and teachers.

2. Created a recycling poster showing all the objects and ways we can recycle objects that we use in our daily lives that are usually thrown-away.

3. 'Twenty-two Ways You and Your Family can Stop Global Warming' poster later utilized in EE classes and during the Climate Change assemblies.

4. Created a 'Kind to the Earth, Fair to People' organic and fair-trade poster using collected packages of various daily products.

5. Created a 'Positive Youth Activities' poster documenting various environmental projects initiated by children in India and Britain. (Using material from the British-based publication 'Positive News'.

6. Created a high-imagery poster based on the 'If the World was a Village of 100 People' book.

7. Created a '5 Reasons for Going Veggie' poster calling attention to the hidden effects of eating meat, including factory farming, rainforest destruction, Global Warming and disease.

8. Created a 'How Green Are You'? interactive poster with 15 questions about daily choices to gauge one's 'Eco-Temperature'.